Pallmax East Africa Ltd is an agent for TRANE and MONBAT brand batteries.


Built and developed with technology from Sweden and Germany, the TRANE Silver Calcium SMF, is the Top-End of Automotive Batteries worldwide. Repletely TRANE Silver Calcium SMF has been rated 5-star and top ranked out or a selection of 18 contestants from all over the world. TRANE provides Sealed Maintenance Free, SMF, Dry Charge Low-Maintenance Battery and Deep Cycle/Solar Batteries, which all are built with guaranteed 100% factory workmanship and highest technology to provide highest quality possible.



MONBAT has been producing batteries since 1959 and is one of the leading European battery producers. MONBAT has a global presence in over 70 countries and PALLMAX is proud to offer MONBAT batteries to our customers.
MONBAT carries a broad portfolio of different types of batteries of which PALLMAX is offering batteries for light, heavy duty and commercial vehicles and Deep Cycle for solar and back-up installations.


Absolutely Maintenance-Free. No need to add water.

99,99% Pure led ingredients

Trane and Boliden only use 99.9% pure virgin lead


The ergonomic, user-friendly, strong and robust handle can be neatly pushed back into the lid

High Technology

Word Class Technology, only pure virgin materials used, robust and durable against ultraviolet rays

Led-Acid and AGM type batteries

Built by the most modern COS machines. No hand burning

SMF-mounted Flash Arrestor

Protects against explosions caused by external flame or sparks